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Terry Cosby

NRCS: On the hunt for hundreds of new employees

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is struggling to meet the Biden administration's growing climate and sustainability goals — and handle billions in new conservation funds — due to challenges in finding people to replace its aging workforce.
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USDA pushed to boost availability of private conservation advisers to meet demand

An increase in capacity for technical assistance within the Natural Resources Conservation Service is necessary as the agency looks to integrate $18.5 billion in Inflation Reduction Act funding into its conservation programs, but the agency will likely need to look at ways to expand its roster of non-government experts as it struggles to bring in enough qualified professionals to fill its internal workforce needs.
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Historic climate funding package clears Senate

The Democratic-controlled Senate on Sunday passed an historic package of financial incentives for cutting U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, including a dramatic increase in farm bill conservation programs aimed at spurring farmers to adopt climate-related farming practices.
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