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Agri-Pulse DriveTime

A wrap up of today's top news stories in the world of Ag
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DriveTime: May 5, 2021


Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says recent lawsuits against minority farmer relief payments aren't slowing USDA's implementation of the program. More on that and a look at some producers working through drought in today's DriveTime. 

DriveTime: May 4, 2021

EPA Administrator Michael Regan visits with Iowa farmers and biofuel producers and corn planting progress makes strides. That and more on today’s DriveTime.

DriveTime: May 3, 2021


Today's DriveTime features news on ag groups offering carbon bank recommendations, the Biden administration seeking to pull three biofuel mandate waivers, and the leader of the Senate Judiciary Committee discussing farm workforce legislation. 

DriveTime: April 30, 2021


A tax expert takes a look at what Biden administration plans could mean for producers, a new lawsuit is filed over minority farmer debt forgiveness, and the dairy industry looks to address pricing concerns. Hear more in today's DriveTime. 

DriveTime: April 29, 2021


Today's DriveTime features news on a familiar insecticide, an ag group's reaction to the Biden administration's tax efforts, and thoughts from a U.S. senator on the cost of new ag technologies. 

DriveTime: April 28, 2021


The top Biden officials for trade and environmental regulation were on Capitol Hill today offering key updates on matters related to farm policy. More on that and a look at some specific things anti-hunger advocates are looking for in today's DriveTime.