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Agri-Pulse Open Mic Interview

In depth interviews with leaders in ag policy
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Open Mic: Chandler Goule, CEO National Association of Wheat Growers

Duration: 25:08

This week’s Open Mic guest is Chandler Goule, CEO of the National Association of Wheat Growers. He has served in the halls of Congress and for the nation’s crop farmers over his extensive career in Washington.  Goule says failure to enact a new farm bill will only heap greater challenges on policy writers in 2025 and leave farmers with a policy that does not accurately reflect the financial risks producers face. Goule says the nation is losing wheat acres and growers to other crops that benefit from both advanced genetics and demand from new uses. NAWG supports crops for renewable fuels, but says unintended consequences from trade, farm policy and research could lead to dire and unintended consequences for the nation’s number one food grain and its growers.


Open Mic: Gary Adams, President and CEO National Cotton Council

Duration: 22:51

This week’s Open Mic guest is Gary Adams, President and CEO of the National Cotton Council. The profit pendulum has swung deeply into the red for U.S. cotton farmers. Adams says many producers faced challenges finding operating loans this year and may be left wanting without a new farm bill that reflects the current economic climate. He also discusses the impact of the Supreme Court's Chevron decision and potential concerns about international trade.


Open Mic: Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO The Fertilizer Institute

Duration: 24:45

This week’s Open Mic guest is Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO of The Fertilizer Institute. Fresh off a meeting of the International Fertilizer Association, Rosenbusch offers troubling news on how Houthi rebels are impacting fertilizer shipping channels and how Vladimir Putin is conspiring to control fertilizer supplies and ultimately global food security.  At home, Rosenbusch says TFI members share the call of commodity organizations to Washington to deliver a new farm bill. Rosenbusch hopes the Treasury Department can deliver clear nutrient guidance in the new IRA 45Z rules.


Agri-Pulse Open Mic: Donnell Rehagen - Clean Fuels Alliance America

Duration: 25:21

This week’s Open Mic guest is Donnell Rehagen, CEO of Clean Fuels Alliance America. With an expanded mission of increased renewable fuels types and feedstocks, CFAA hopes to see expanded growth of renewable liquid fuels in the near future. Rehagen sees the industry’s potential beyond the 4.6 billion gallon industry as it stands today with growth in industrial, transportation and sustainable aviation fuel, but feedstock availability and government regulations have proven formidable headwinds for industry growth.  CFAA applauds Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s call for information to develop sustainable agriculture practices to help qualify crops as feedstocks for the Treasury Department's 45Z rules and tax credits.

Andy Harig PRINT.jpg

Open Mic: Andy Harig, FMI-The Food Industry Association

Duration: 25:24

This week’s Open Mic guest is Andy Harig, Vice President of Tax, Trade, Sustainability and Policy Development for FMI-The Food Industry Association. Consumers and the food industry have been forced to adapt to the Covid Pandemic as well as higher food costs from inflation. Harig says the market’s philosophy has shifted from a “just in time” to a “just in case” mentality. He says the food industry is adapting to consumers who spend less time preparing meals and are more sensitive to the sustainability of the food supply. Harig says FMI members want a new farm bill for nutrition as well as security of the domestic food supply.


Open Mic: Steve Nicholson, Global Sector Strategist, Rabobank

Duration: 24:28

This week’s Open Mic guest is Steve Nicholson, Global Sector Strategist for Grains and Oilseeds with Rabobank. In this interview, Nicholson discusses the mixed signals the Federal Reserve is sifting through as it continues to battle inflation. While there improvements in the economy, Nicholson says higher rates impact capital intensive businesses like transportation and agriculture. He says farmers need clear answers on risk management tools a new farm bill should provide.