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Agri-Pulse Open Mic Interview

In depth interviews with leaders in ag policy
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Representative Adrian Smith

District Representative Adrian Smith outlines a challenging agenda for House members following the Memorial Day break. As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Smith expects a great deal of debate over Trade Promotion Authority, tax reform, and identifying financial resources for the Highway Trust Fund. In this week's feature, Smith shares his support for renewable fuels and his concern over attempts to further define food labeling laws.

Agri-Pulse staff

Rep. Adrian Smith, Nebraska

Senator Heidi Heitkamp, ND

This week's guest on Open Mic is US Senator Heidi Heitkamp. As an outspoken advocate for agriculture and rural America, the North Dakota Democrat was instrumental in crafting the 2014 farm bill and now has proposed legislation to address uncertainty over renewable fuels and waters of the US as well as expanding trade with Cuba. In this interview Senator Heitkamp shares her thoughts on food labeling and outlines senate debate over Trade Promotion Authority for President Obama. While trade dominates the legislative agenda this week, Heitkamp hopes for timely action on the highway trust fund, the export-import bank and national security issues.

Jeff Nalley

Senator Heidi Heitkamp

Rep. Collin Peterson, Minn

This week's guest on Open Mic is Minnesota US Representative Collin Peterson. In this interview Peterson discusses his position on Trade Promotion Authority for the Obama administration and the dangers of change to the nation's crop insurance program. The House Ag Committee Ranking Member thinks environmentalists have control of the White House and favors congressional action to thwart implementation of the new EPA Clean Water definition

Jeff Nalley

Rep. Collin Peterson

Senator Debbie Stabenow - Michigan

This week's Open Mic guest is Michigan US Senator Debbie Stabenow. As Ranking Member on the Senate Agriculture Committee Stabenow says she's concerned about the budget process and is ready to defend the agriculture policy she and others worked so hard to approve. Stabenow says she wants to export products not jobs. In this interview, she shares her reservations about granting Trade Promotion Authority for the administration and her support for expanding trade with Cuba.

Jeff Nalley

Senator Debbie Stabenow

Senator John Hoeven, North Dakota

Our guest on Open Mic is US Senator John Hoeven. As a strong advocate for agriculture and rural issues, the North Dakota Republican supports enhanced global trade and opposes government regulatory overreach. In this interview, Hoeven discusses his plan for providing flexibility for school nutrition standards and thoughts for providing funding for a long term highway bill.

Jeff Nalley

Senator John Hoeven

Minority Whip Senator Dick Durbin

This week's guest on Open Mic is Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin. The Illinois Democrat sees promise in the opening weeks of the 114th Congress. Senator Durbin says more open floor debate may lead to compromise on complex issues including trade and nutrition, however, he believes tax reform and immigration may be too divisive for this Congress to resolve. During this in-depth interview, he also offers interesting perspective on crop insurance, estate taxes, GMO labeling, the Renewable Fuel Standard and the EPA.

Jeff Nalley

Senator Dick Durbin