The American Feed Industry Association is calling on the FDA to consider streamlining or removing several federal regulations and recordkeeping requirements that it says are unclear, duplicative, antiquated or do nothing to make the animal food supply safer at the great expense of small and large animal food manufacturers. AFIA submitted formal comments to the agency this week in response to a request for input on current human and animal food safety regulations and information collection requirements that could be improved upon or reduced. Among AFIA requests: a clearer definition of when the Food Safety Modernization Act’s written preventive controls and supply-chain programs are or are not required. It says this would reduce the ambiguity facing animal food manufacturers and facilitate the better training of and inspections by state and federal regulators. Richard Sellers, AFIA’s senior vice president of public policy and education, said its requests are an “effort to reduce the regulatory burden, both on the Center for Veterinary Medicine and regulated industry, while not compromising animal food safety.”