The Hilmar Cheese Co. opened the nation’s first dairy-based “escape room” in its visitor center in Modesto, Calif. In AgXscape, guests are led into a small room, set up like a dairy farmer’s office, and given 30 minutes to find the cure for a fictional virus threatening a hypothetical dairy cow herd. Clues  – including photos of a prized cow, a microscope, feed samples and farm equipment – are scattered about the room. The AgXscape experience is family friendly, and visitors can enter and exit as they please because, unlike other escape rooms, they won’t actually be locked in. Denise Skidmore, director of education and public relations at Hilmar Cheese, said their goal is to interact with the non-agriculture audience as much as possible to help spread information about the industry. “It’s so fun because you get to see families have a lot of fun and work together,” Skidmore said. “About 80 percent of our customers are not involved in agriculture at all, which is what we like to see.” Click here for more information  about AgXscape.

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