Move over, Red Delicious. There’s a new apple making its way into supermarkets and the industry plans a huge marketing campaign around the fruit. The Washington State University apple, designated WA 38, was developed by crossing Enterprise and Honeycrisp in 1997. The name for the university’s “stellar” new apple, Cosmic Crisp, was released in 2014 and a limited number of trees were released for on-farm planting in 2017. The dark red apple with tiny yellow “freckles” has been highly rated for its sweet, tangy flavor and exceptional storability, note WSU researchers. Now, farmers in Washington State – where over two-thirds of U.S. apples are produced – have planted millions of Cosmic Crisp trees. More than 2 million boxes of the fruit are expected to be available for the 2020 season. “The Cosmic Crisp apple is a one-of-a-kind variety,” said Kathryn Grandy, director of marketing for Proprietary Variety Management, which is in charge the new apple's launch. “Our marketing campaign will build consumer awareness and demand to match the caliber of this high-value apple. We’re in a unique position to set the bar, and we have the industry and partner support to make it happen.” Overseas marketing is ramping up, too. Last month, the Washington Apple Commission provided Cosmic Crisp samples at the Asia Fruit Logistica trade show in Hong Kong.

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