USDA is looking for a few good people to serve on two federal advisory committees – the Advisory Committee on Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (BFRAC) and the Advisory Committee on Minority Farmers and Ranchers (MFAC). BFRAC, which last met in April, has 20 vacancies to fill. USDA is soliciting nominations from “interested organizations and individuals from among ranching and farming producers (industry), related government, state, and tribal agricultural agencies, academic institutions, commercial banking entities, trade associations, and related nonprofit enterprises,” according to an Oct. 17 Federal Register notice. The department also is soliciting nominations for 15 MFAC members from “socially disadvantaged farming and ranching producers; civil rights professionals; private nonprofit organizations that support socially disadvantaged producers; and higher education institutions that work with socially disadvantaged producers,” according to separate Federal Register notice. MFAC last met in 2016. Applications and nomination packages for both committees can be downloaded here. USDA said it want to receive nominations within 15 days.

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