Sold! For $1.51 million! And that’s no bull … Schaff Angus Valley’s SAV America 8018 set a record for the most expensive bull last weekend. During the six-minute bid, the gavel dropped to Herbster Angus Farms of Falls City, Neb., owned by Charles Herbster, the chairman of President Donald Trump’s Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee during the 2016 campaign. This isn’t the first time Herbster set a record in bull buying; In 2017 he paid top price for America’s sire SAV President 6847 for $750,000. During the sale, America turned heads with his long-bodied, thick, square-hipped, deep and sound structure and docile disposition. Not only did America set the record for most expensive bull, he also set records at Schaff Angus Valley with a 205-day weaning weight at 1,107 pounds. Herbster Angus Farms will reportedly keep 80 percent of the semen rights and 20 percent will go to Schaff Angus Valley who will keep the bull at their operation. The video of the bull being sold in the sale rings has picked up a good deal of steam on social media and can be seen here.

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