Taiwanese supermarkets and restaurants are getting a look at some unfamiliar cuts of beef in an effort to increase U.S. market share in the Asian nation. The U.S. Meat Export Federation and the Taiwan Fresh Supermarket recently ran a promotion for U.S. beef chuck ribeye in Taiwan, seeking to sell quality, affordable cuts to consumers there. Davis Wu, USMEF’s Taiwan director, said Taiwanese shoppers are adding beef to their diets and “are used to purchasing meat with a tender texture and rich marbling,” like ribeyes, sirloins, and tenderloins. “Those cuts are commonly available … Our goal with this promotion was to share information about alternative U.S. beef cuts.” USMEF also worked with Texas Roadhouse to spotlight beef brisket. According to USMEF, Taiwan’s beef imports shot up 33 percent last year to about $550 million, the sixth consecutive record for export value there. U.S. market share currently sits at about 75 percent of Taiwan’s chilled beef, “the highest share of any Asian destination,” USMEF notes.

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