Groups that joined USApple on the letter include: California Apple Commission, Michigan Apple Committee, Midwest Apple Improvement Association, New England Apple Association, New York Apple Association, North Carolina Apple Growers Association, Northwest Horticultural Council, Pennsylvania Apple Program, Washington Apple Commission, Washington State Tree Fruit Association and Wisconsin Apple Growers Association.The U.S. Apple Association, joined by the California Apple Commission and several other trade associations, are urging USDA to reconsider how it is funding growers for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP).

The groups say the analysis “does not match the reality” of what is happening in the industry. According to USDA, apple growers did not qualify because prices had not declined by at least 5% between January and April. USApple is arguing in a 30-page statement that “record-shattering stocks, combined with sluggish domestic and export movement” have hurt apple growers badly. USApple CEO Jim Bair said 95% of the data on apple sales was not captured in the analysis.

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