Corteva Agriscience announced Monday that it has become the full owner of PhytoGen Seed Company LLC, after purchasing J.G. Boswell Company’s stake for an undisclosed price.

“This acquisition provides a solid proof point of our consistent commitment to driving long-term growth through targeted investments in solid margin opportunities that at the same time strengthen our ability to serve our customers,” James C. Collins Jr., the Chief Executive Officer of Corteva Agriscience, said in a statement.

Corteva previously owned a 53.5% stake in the cotton seed company, which was operated through its subsidiary, Mycogen LLC. According to Steve Reno, the Corteva Agriscience Seed Business Platform President, this step “further strengthens Corteva Agriscience’s commitment to the cotton market.”

“With this action, we intend to build on the strong foundation we established with J.G. Boswell Company over the last two decades — continuing to serve cotton customers with our growing global portfolio of leading cottonseed products,” Reno said in a statement. 

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