In the latest report from Beacon Economics, California’s leading agricultural export, almonds, experienced a decline of more than 14% last month, compared to a year earlier. The report outlines several other export woes as the economic impact of the pandemic comes into focus.

Exports of the state’s agricultural and raw materials were down by nearly 20%. Specifically, shipments of agricultural products dropped by 6%. As the world deals with the fallout of the virus, industries will face other challenges as well.

“Unfortunately, a sharp cutback in inbound shipping means fewer shipping containers will be available for exporters, a development that will hamper California’s agricultural shippers this summer,” the report notes.

A new USDA report is projecting the 2020 California almond crop to be up by 18% over 2019. That is due in part to “perfect weather during bloom,” according to Kern County almond grower Holly King.

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“As a shelf-stable and nutritious food enjoyed by consumers around the world, we’ve weathered these disruptions in pretty good shape,” said Almond Board CEO Richard Waycott (above) in a statement.

He added that domestic and export shipments are still up for the year so far, despite last month’s drop.