A company known for its sliders will soon have a new piece of technology doing the flipping.

Burger chain White Castle plans to partner with Miso Robotics to pilot the first autonomous grilling and frying assistant in its kitchens. According to a release from the company, the pilot “will put autonomous frying to work for enhanced production speeds, improved labor allocation and an added layer of health and safety in the cooking process.”

Lisa Ingram, White Castle’s CEO, said the move has the potential to “transform the industry.”

"With 100 years of quick service success, the time has never been more perfect to envision what the next century of White Castle and the restaurant industry looks like,” she said. “Miso Robotics understood where we could improve and stay true to White Castle's brand of taste, innovation and best-in-class dining.”

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The pilot will use Flippy’s latest model, Robot-on-a-Rail (ROAR) in kitchens with an eye on testing and future integration. Miso Robotics CEO and co-founder Buck Jordan said artificial intelligence like that round in Flippy ROAR “brings a very real opportunity to continuously enhance the cooking process and optimize taste for restaurants.”

The project will begin later this fall and will test speeds in production, taste, quality, and operational optimization with back end point-of-sale system integration.

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