CDFA has released an economic impact analysis of regulations that the Department of Pesticide Regulation is proposing to further restrict neonicotinoids. About 60% of California’s fruit, nut and vegetable production could be impacted by the draft restrictions, according to the report.

Citrus would be hit hardest. DPR would cut nearly 70% of the amount of acres allowed to be treated, and the costs for alternative products would rise by more than 50%. Aggressively restricting the four insecticides would allow citrus greening to “spread at a faster rate in the state, jeopardizing the entire industry,” according to the study. The researchers acknowledge the economic devastation could be much more significant if citrus growers are unable to use these products to combat future invasive species to California.

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If the restrictions enable pests to gain a resistance to the pesticides, growers would have fewer tools available. This would further raise costs and lead to unintended economic impacts for treating other pests, the study found.