The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) awarded $1.34 million in grants for research on pest control alternatives to the banned pesticide chlorpyrifos.

“Finding less-toxic alternatives to pesticides like chlorpyrifos, and promoting their adoption and implementation throughout California, is a priority, and our grant programs play a vital role in reaching those goals,” said DPR Director Val Dolcini.

The grants will go to the following researchers, which Dolcini describes as being “at the cutting edge of their fields.”

·       Dr. Mark Hoddle, UC Riverside, “Taking Chlorpyrifos out of Citrus: Maximizing IPM of Argentine Ant and Sap Sucking Pests with Biodegradable Hydrogels, Infra-Red Sensors, and Cover Crops.” ($500,000)

·       Dr. Dong-Hwan Choe, UC Riverside, “A sustainable boric acid liquid bait delivery system (as alternative to chlorpyrifos sprays) for the management of pest ants in agricultural settings.” ($340,467)

·       Mr. David Haviland, UC Cooperative Extension, Kern County, “Hydrogel baiting systems for sugar-feeding ants in California grapes and citrus.” ($500,000) 

Full descriptions of each research project are available on DPR’s website.

Funding for these grants came from a one-time $2.1 million General Fund allocation to DPR for research projects that advance safer, more-sustainable pest management alternatives to chlorpyrifos. DPR previously funded three research grants for alternatives to chlorpyrifos research.

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Following California's historic decision to end use of the pesticide chlorpyrifos in 2019, DPR and CDFA convened the Alternatives to Chlorpyrifos Work Group to evaluate potential alternatives.

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