California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson has shared with Gov. Gavin Newsom a five-point plan for how agriculture can play a role in the state’s economic recovery. Johansson described the plan at meeting last week for the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.

Recognize that farmers want to be part of the solution. Johansson said farmers must know what the end game is. “If you want all of California agriculture to be 100% organic,” he said to Newsom, “I can tell you the consequences of doing that.”

Have realistic expectations. “Things don't change overnight,” said Johansson.

Go with farmer-led solutions. He said this message resonated in the governor’s “30 by 30" conservation order.

Give us time. Johansson cautioned that the tools, technology and infrastructure will not happen overnight.

Work with the science. “Let us use our science instead of attacking us for it,” he said.