An organic fertilizer known as Agro Gold WS has been contaminated with conventional herbicides, the California Department of Food and Agriculture said in issuing a quarantine order on the product.

A state lab analysis detected the presence of glyphosate and diquat, which are prohibited by the USDA National Organic Program, in samples of Agro Gold WS. The product, which is sold under the trade name Weed Slayer, is marketed as a herbicide made from eugenol, an essential oil of cloves, and molasses. Growers could jeopardize their organic status through continued use.

Registered organic operations in possession of the product must immediately discontinue its use and are directed to hold onto it and contact the Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program; CDFA will aid operations on how to handle product in their possession.

Those in possession of the product who wish to appeal the presence of diquat and glyphosate have 15 days to do so under state law. Appeals can be submitted to the appeal to the Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program at

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