The California Farm Bureau (CFBF) took a neutral position on the Proposition 19 ballot measure passed in November, which relates to property transfers. Now the state is raising “significant concerns” over its guidance for implementing the measure.

“The intention behind Prop. 19...was to allow the next generation of family farmers to continue in operation without being financially disadvantaged,” said CFBF policy advocate Robert Spiegel.

He was speaking at a committee hearing this week on a senate bill that aims to resolve other issues with Prop. 19. CFBF would like to see the bill also clarify the language around farms. Spiegel said the CFBF board had initially thought farmers would be protected and may even benefit from Prop. 19. But new letters from the State Board of Equalization to assessors have raised alarms over how the state is interpreting the murky language.

In a recent commentary, Spiegel called the state’s guidance “clear as mud” and said Prop. 19 will likely face multiple legal challenges.

Sen. Brian Dahle, R-Bieber, was said to be working with the senate majority leader on a separate fix.