With the state expecting a cash infusion of $100 billion, the administration has bumped up funding for a range of incentives programs.
One of these is CDFA’s Healthy Soils Program, which gained an additional $70 million in the May Revise. This contradicts the Senate plan to cut Newsom’s January proposal to $20 million.
The California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) praised the additional support for the program, along with a $531 million package aimed at groundwater management and water use efficiency. Another $500 million would help to repurpose farmland fallowed during the drought.

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“While today’s announcement will not alleviate many of the issues the industry is dealing with, the additional funding for programs will help producers comply to meet the standards that have been put in place,” said CFFA President Ian LeMay.
Also on climate incentives, the administration has added $60 million for dairy methane reduction projects. This includes dairy digesters, which the Senate and bond proposals have intentionally excluded.