The California Farm Bureau is raising pressure on Gov. Newsom to veto a United Farm Workers bill on elections and held a rally Thursday at the capitol. Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson stressed that the measure, AB 616, would hurt farmworkers hardest and impact ag employers already struggling under a labor shortage.

“Now it's time for the governor to recognize that we're not essential if there's no one left to work the land,” said Johansson.

Also speaking at the rally was Patricia Lopez, a longtime employee of Duarte Nursery in Hughson, who was accompanied by several other workers protesting the measure.

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“We don't need a union,” Lopez told Agri-Pulse, adding that affordable housing, drought and many other things are greater concerns.

Meanwhile, Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk of Santa Clarita on Thursday urged Newsom to veto the bill as well.

“I stand with farmworkers and farmers,” Wilk wrote in a letter. “There is nothing wrong with the existing election process.”