An organization long opposed to increased consolidation in agribusiness is stepping up its efforts with a new campaign aimed at congressional leaders and the Biden administration.

The National Farmers Union recently launched Fairness for Farmers, a centralized effort advocating for several of the organization’s longstanding priorities using legislative and regulatory approaches. NFU President Rob Larew said the timing of the effort is directly tied to an executive order President Joe Biden signed in July aimed at curtailing consolidation throughout the economy, including in agriculture.  

“We launched Fairness for Farmers because we have a president who is committed to taking on the challenge of fighting consolidation in agriculture,” Larew said in a statement. “I do believe we are in for a fight. The giants who dominate our food and agriculture industry are not going to be toppled without a struggle.”

The campaign will include efforts to get producers involved through social media and contact with local media throughout the country. There are also plans to build “national coalitions to support lawmakers and regulators in the antitrust space to fight for strengthening our pro-competition laws and regulations” and educate politicians, the media and the public “about our broken food system.”

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NFU also plans to use the campaign to call for priorities including reform of the Packers and Stockyards Act, better price discovery and market information, and “reinvigorated” antitrust enforcement.

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