A new brand strategy announced by the National Pork Board aims to capitalize on sales increases of pork during the coronavirus pandemic and leverage interest in a broad array of cuisine options that can put their product at the center of the plate.

NPB, funded by the pork checkoff, recently launched the “Real Pork” campaign, which aims to invite “consumers to experience the authenticity, flavor and ability to bring people together that Real Pork provides,” a release noted.

Angie Krieger, the group’s vice president of domestic marketing, pointed to the rebranding’s effort to call attention to different flavor profiles for pork as well as the “values and beliefs of the pork industry from farm to fork.”

“Our work began on this master-brand strategy before the coronavirus appeared in the United States, but the shift in buying and cooking habits the pandemic created certainly accelerated our efforts,” she said. “Six months in, consumers are weary of meal preparation, they want new experiences and to travel.”

One of the first efforts of the Real Pork branding effort is a “Pork as a Passport” program, which includes recipes to, as NPB put it, encourage “small adventures for weary quarantine cooks by showcasing delicious pork dishes from next door and across the globe.”

Real Pork replaces previous brand efforts like “Pork: Be Inspired” and the well-known “The Other White Meat,” which was the checkoff’s primary branding effort for about 25 years.

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