Two companies that focus on environmentally friendly solutions to modern problems have formed a partnership they say will reduce agriculture’s dependence on synthetic fertilizer. Anuvia Plant Nutrients and Novozymes plan a suite of products that “will require less synthetic fertilizer per acre, while achieving equivalent or better crop performance,” the companies said in a press release.

The partnership plans to start with a combination of Novozymes’ phosphate solubilizing microbial solutions and Anuvia’s sustainable bio-based fertilizer. The new product will focus on macro-nutrient efficiency and the partners hope it will add up to 10 units of phosphorus in the first generation. The companies say they will expand into reducing the use of synthetic nitrogen and potassium as they develop future products. 

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Novozymes creates innovations with enzymes and microbes while Anuvia is in the business of bio-based fertilizers. Working together, the two expect to develop products from microbes and enzymes that will increase nutrient efficiency and plant health in agriculture. 

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