Bayer announced a partnership with Microsoft on Wednesday that will develop cloud-baed digital tools meant to help agricultural companies and organizations improve their “off-the-shelf” capabilities. 

“As agriculture and technology entrepreneurs and organizations work to advance the security and sustainability of the value chain – supporting farmers at its foundation – collaboration is required,” said Jeremy Williams, head of the Climate Corp. and Bayer Digital Farming Solutions.

"Bayer is pioneering digital innovation within agriculture. Microsoft is setting the standard in trusted, global cloud solutions. Together, we can innovate and implement as a team to deliver the food, feed, fiber and fuel needed to power our planet.”

The infrastructure that Bayer and Microsoft create will provide a base for other companies to build off of for their own digital offerings. This new system will be provided to both startups and larger businesses, Bayer says.

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Both the ag and food sectors "are undergoing rapid digital transformation, from autonomous tractors, to AI-based digital advisories, and scalable precision agriculture,” Ravi Krishnaswamy, the Corporate Vice President for Azure Global, Micosoft's platform of cloud services.  

Bayer noted that the product is a business-to-business (B2B) product offering and is not a farmer-facing platform such as Climate FieldView, a service for farmers that compiles and analyzes their data. However, the Microsoft partnership could help add stability and feature development to the FieldView product, Bayer says, 

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