In his initial budget proposal, Gov. Gavin Newsom is asking the Legislature to spend $2.3 billion on port infrastructure and supply chain challenges.

“We've talked a lot about ports as a nation and around the world and the supply chain constraints because of the pandemic,” said Newsom during a Monday press conference.

Nearly half the funding would boost capacity through railyard expansions, new bridges and zero-emission projects. The administration is seeking to build a new training campus and “cut down the red tape” to fast track a backlog of commercial driver’s licenses. Another $30 million would help with more efficient cargo movement, reducing congestion and increasing volume.

The administration hopes to invest a large chunk of the state’s estimated $45.7 billion surplus into climate initiatives. Last year the state approved a $15 billion climate package spread over three years. Newsom’s January proposal adds another $22.5 billion over the next five years, which includes $3.9 billion for infrastructure to support zero-emission vehicle infrastructure.

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“This may be the largest and broadest climate investment of its kind anywhere in the world,” Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot told reporters Monday.

The administration offered little additional funding for climate-smart agriculture programs. But the second half of a $1.1 billion package included in the 2021 budget will be spread across several programs.

The budget proposal also includes new funding for energy efficiency at food production facilities and career development in climate and agriculture.