The federal government is in search of individuals interested in participating in a new commission tasked with addressing the nation’s wildfires.

The new Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission is currently open for applications through the Departments of Agriculture, Interior and Homeland Security through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Created in the 2021 infrastructure bill, the commission is set to “play a key role in recommending federal policies and strategies to more effectively prevent, mitigate, suppress and manage wildland fires, including the rehabilitation of affected lands,” a release calling for nominations said.

Per the requirements of the bill, the commission “is seeking volunteer members from diverse backgrounds, with a specific focus on members who represent nonfederal interests.” The group is expected to draft policy recommendations that will be submitted to Congress within a year of its first meeting. Preference will be given to applicants from areas with high wildfire risk and a high level of wildland-urban interface.

Interested parties have until March 25 to submit their applications.

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