The Biden administration says there are no plans to buy or sell any sugar through the Feedstock Flexibility Program in the current fiscal year.

The news came in the form of USDA’s quarterly update on its estimated sugar purchases based on crop and consumption forecasts. USDA is required to buy surplus sugar and sell it to biofuel producers to avert expected sugar loan forfeitures. 

But based on numbers in the March World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, USDA does not expect the 2021 crop year – which has the same timeframe as the 2022 fiscal year – to require any sugar purchasing by USDA.

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The department says it plans to “closely monitor domestic sugar stocks, consumption, imports, and other sugar market variables on an ongoing basis and will continue to administer the sugar program as transparently as possible using the latest available data.” The next quarterly estimate will be released at the beginning of July.

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