An effort to drive more sales of American red meat is taking the form of a nationwide cooking competition in a key South American market.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation is in the midst of a six-week grilling contest aimed at driving interest in American beef and educating consumers on some of the best ways to cook the product. The competition — “Parrillero que se respeta," which USMEF says roughly translates to “the griller who is respected" — is being funded by USDA’s Agricultural Trade Promotion Program, the Beef Checkoff, Texas Beef Council, and the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas.

Jessica Julca, USMEF’s South America representative, called the contest “a fun way to boost awareness of U.S. beef and we’re seeing great coverage from traditional and social media.”

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Any shopper in Peru who buys U.S. beef can register their purchase to receive an immediate gift. Part of the entry form will provide an opportunity to offer grilling tips. The participants offering the 10 “best and most creative grilling ideas” will be invited to Lima for a preparation and grilling contest to be judged by a three-person panel. The top three in that contest will win more prizes, including some cuts of U.S. beef.

USMEF says the finale is being supported by USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service in Lima. The competition began June 14 and will run through the end of July.

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