Field to Market plans to bolster its reporting on private sector climate commitments with a new annual report that will detail progress on the existing pledges by its member organizations.  

Field to Market's third annual Climate Compendium report shows 117 of its member organizations have publicly announced commitments to address climate change in their businesses, up from 100 commitments published in the previous report. 

However, new to this report is a progress update on where the organizations stand on meeting their commitments, helping to lay out the remaining work they must accomplish to achieve their climate goals.

Field to Market compiled its members' commitments in one place: the 2022 Climate Compendium. This enables companies and organizations "to benchmark their ambition with peers, drive greater climate performance, facilitate pre-competitive collaboration, foster additional research where needed, and promote transparency for these targets."

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The commitments will be regularly updated on the Climate Compendium webpages, with Field to Market publishing an annual report each September.

“We are proud to see a continuous growth in the number of public climate goals and commitments set by our members, as well as progress made toward achieving those goals,” said Field to Market President Scott Herndon. “However, we must all continue to push ourselves, and each other, to deliver on these goals. No organization can solve this challenge alone – we all must work together to accelerate climate action across all sectors of the value chain.”

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the climate commitments were compiled in Field to Market's Continuous Improvement Accelerator. The story has been updated to state the information is actually stored in the Climate Compendium.

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