Criminals are deploying drones to scout for equipment to steal, while animal rights activists are using them to record dairy and ranch practices. The Central California Intelligence Center and Sacramento County Sheriff's Office are asking farmers and ranchers to report any suspicious drone activity.

In a flyer circulating among rural communities, officials are warning Californians to keep a distance from the aircraft and call law enforcement.
And crime is up: The Western Agricultural Processors Association is warning members that thefts are on the rise and to consider protocols for identification verification.

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The technology firm CargoNet, which tracks the trend, reported on an unprecedented crime wave hitting the supply chain. It recorded more than 600 incidents nationwide in the first quarter of 2023, up 30% from the previous quarter and 64% from a year ago. Yet in California it jumped 123% in the past year, due largely to freight theft in Southern California. Fictitious pickups have increased more than 1,000% in that time.