Truterra is offering four new data-driven regional and crop-specific programs in its effort to help farmers adopt regenerative practices. 

The new initiatives aim to gather data from participating farmers as they adopt new tools.

“Each of these programs is designed to support farmers as they adopt customized conservation management practices to help them make the best informed agronomic, economic and environmental decisions for their farms,” said Tom Ryan, president of Truterra, an arm of Land O' Lakes Inc.

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Truterra’s Cotton Field Data Management program is a one-year initiative that seeks Tennessee farmers to adopt data-driven agriculture. The Wheat Field Data Management program is accepting applications from farmers from Kansas, Ohio and Maryland who are just beginning sustainable practices. Indiana farmers with experience in no-till or strip-till practices are eligible for Truterra’s SupplyShed Benefits.

Additionally, the company has announced its first nitrogen reduction incentive program. Corn farmers in Illinois are eligible to apply.

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