WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2013 – Members of Congress, industry leaders, and other distinguished guests were decked out in their finest to celebrate the 57th presidential inauguration and a bipartisan gala celebrating agriculture last night. 

"The Ag Ball is a great tradition that has spanned many decades--and has always been constructed around a bipartisan approach, no matter which political party's candidate has just been given the oath of office as president," said Jay Vroom, CEO of Croplife America, which coordinated the event. 

"The opportunity to truly walk-that-talk at the 2013 Ag Gala--and have members of Congress from both sides of the aisle in attendance and cheering our democracy and the vital role agriculture plays in our economy will hopefully set a positive tone as the 113th Congress rolls up its sleeves to tackle the farm bill."

About 1,100 guests were on hand for the celebration, which included food and beverages and two different bands. Proceeds from the event helped fund a good cause—feeding those most in need.

"The Ag Ball organizing committee knew right from our initial meetings that making the 2013 Gala accomplish a charitable purpose in addition to the traditional celebration of ag at the Inaugural was vital.  We were extremely pleased to land on 'Feeding America' and their local affiliate,' DC Central Kitchen' as the charity beneficiaries of the 2013 Ag Ball," said Beau Greenwood, Executive VP of CropLife America and the unofficial chair of the Ball Committee. 

"By tying the ag community's modern food production day-job to hunger alleviation charity support as part of the Ball, we show strong support for a message that [Agriculture] Secretary [Tom] Vilsack has carried throughout his USDA tenure--agriculture cares about feeding everybody."

Vilsack and former Secretary Dan Glickman were on hand, as were several members of Congress.

Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee, joined the band to sing a couple of songs.

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