WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 – The White House on Tuesday announced more than $4 billion in private sector investor commitments to find climate change solutions, doubling the Obama administration’s initial Clean Energy Investment Initiative  goal of $2 billion.

The administration also announced a series of executive actions to encourage further clean energy innovation. The White House said past investment has resulted in major advances in solar photovoltaics, wind power, advanced batteries, energy-efficient lighting and fuel cells, noting that the investments have helped drive the cost of solar energy down by over 50 percent in the past five years. Executive actions include:

Launching a new Clean Energy Impact Investment Center at the Department of Energy (DOE) to make information about energy and climate programs at DOE and other government agencies accessible and more understandable to the public;

Facilitating investments by charitable foundations in clean energy technologies, through new Treasury Department guidance on impact investing;

Improving financing options from the Small Business Administration for private investment funds seeking long-term capital, including early-stage investors in capital-intensive clean energy technologies.

For more information on the president’s executive actions and the donors cited by the White House, click here.


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