WASHINGTON, Feb. 24, 2016 - The Energy Department (DOE) recently announced that 10 private companies would be awarded $30 million and granted access to high-performance computing resources housed in its national laboratories to address major manufacturing challenges, such as improving turbine blades in aircraft engines, cutting heat loss in electronics, reducing waste in paper manufacturing and improving fiberglass production. An overarching objective, says DOE, is to keep the U.S. at the forefront of innovation by accelerating advanced clean energy technologies and energy-efficient solutions that improve our nation's economic competiveness in manufacturing.

Led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the High-Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) Program will leverage the national labs’ high-performance computing capabilities to apply modeling, simulation and data analysis to industrial products and processes to lower production costs and shorten the time it takes to bring new clean energy technologies to market.

“Access to supercomputers in the Department of Energy’s labs will provide a resource to American firms inventing and building clean energy technologies right here at home that no international competitor can match,” says Assistant Energy Secretary David Danielson. “The HPC4Mfg initiative pairs leading clean energy technology companies with the world-class computing tools and expertise at our national labs to drive down the cost of materials and streamline manufacturing processes. The ultimate goal of their collaboration is to increase our global competitiveness in the race to develop clean energy technology and jobs.”

The Advanced Manufacturing Office within the Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy created and funds this program. The HPC4Mfg projects also support the Energy Department’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative.


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