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Articles by Philip Brasher

Internal docs said to undermine WOTUS rule

Internal memos that the Army Corps of Engineers turned over to a Senate committee undermines the scientific and legal basis for the new rule that re-defines the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act, the panelàs chairman says. In a letter Monday to the assistant secretary of the Arm
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FDA wants labeling for added sugars, daily limit

In an effort to get Americans to cut sugar consumption, the Food and Drug Administration is proposing to require food labels to disclose the content of added sugars as a percentage of the recommended daily limit. That recommended daily limit, or Daily Reference Value, would be set
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Battle over GMO labeling shifts to Senate

The food industryps struggle to stop states from requiring labels on genetically engineered products faces an uncertain future in the Senate following a landmark, bipartisan victory in the House. With support from 45 Democrats, the House voted 275-150 on Thursday to approve th
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House votes to bar GMO labeling

The House approved a bill to block state GMO labeling laws and set rules for marketing foods as non-biotech. Supporters of the Safe and Affordable Food Labeling Act (HR 1599). needed a large margin to help generate Democratic support in the Senate,, where Sen. John
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USDA bracing for bigger bird flu outbreak

The government is gearing up to deal with as many as 500 incidents of avian flu this fall, far more than the number that devastated the Midwest this spring, says Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Vilsack told the House Agriculture Committee on Wednesday that his department is working
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