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Opinion: CRP: Ripe for Reform?

Whether we get a farm bill this year or after the mid-term elections, I think it’s important to look at some of the ideas under consideration, especially regarding the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).
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Opinion: Follow the science

As the Trump Administration continues to name new people to its team and farmers continue to await confirmation of a Secretary of USDA, I know it will be a while before a new Chief for the Natural Resources Conservation Service is named and takes office.
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Voluntary conservation: It works!

As we look ahead to a new year, a new Administration and a new farm bill, itÐs important to recognize what works and what doesnÐt. Top of my list of approaches that really work? Voluntary conservationÐno surprise there.
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2018 Farm bill - Sustainability part 2

Last month I argued that there is no need for a specific sustainability title in the next farm bill, but that there is a definite need to consider the impact of other titles on sustainability as we advance further into the 21st Century. This month, I want to examine another aspect of s
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