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Opinion: The climate change conundrum

I think there is a fairly large contingent of journalists covering climate or agriculture or both who think we could stop climate change with a single admission by a major farm organization that the only logical reaction to increasing atmospheric carbon is abject terror.
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Opinion: Wouldn’t it be nice?

“And wouldn't it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong” -The Beach Boys.  Suzy Friedman, of the Environmental Defense Fund, has channeled the Beach Boys in her recent opinion piece in Agri-Pulse, writing a sincere and attractive description of the kind of world where we belong, and yes, it would be nice.

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How government can regain voters' confidence

The lead up to this yearPs election has shown almost total agreement on at least one topic. No, make that two topics. We arenPt pleased with the candidates for president, and wePve lost faith in our leaders and in the government they lead.
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