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Articles by Jim Webster

USDA adds to marketing, regulatory, farm program staff

WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 – USDA announced several non-career staffing changes today, adding Elanor Starmer as a special assistant to the under secretary for marking and regulatory programs and naming Juan M. Garcia deputy administrator for farm programs at the Farm Service Agency.
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AEI panel economists would triple Obama's proposed farm cuts

WASHINGTON, Sept. 21- President Obama’s proposal to trim farm program spending by $33 million over 10 years looks generous to agriculture if you compare it with a recommendation of a panel of agricultural economists convened by the American Enterprise Institute. They urged that the “super committee
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USDA, CDC questioned over ‘delay' in major turkey recall

WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 -- USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service took extra care to be on solid analytical and legal ground this week before it asked Cargill Meat Solutions to order the largest poultry recall in history. However, it was apparent in a briefing for reporters Thursday, its prudent mana
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