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Experts caution avian flu could be here to stay

The American poultry sector is awaiting a spring spike in detections of highly pathogenic avian influenza, leading industry and government officials to wonder if the disease has pivoted from an occasional concern to a permanent part of raising birds in the United States.
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Lactose-free alternatives offering more consumer choices for dairy industry

Look at any dairy case in the country, and it’s obvious that the space allotted to milk has been shrinking and the real estate for plant-based alternatives has expanded. But the shelf space going to lactose-free and low-lactose options also has expanded as the dairy industry tries to respond to concerns from minority consumers and others who are lactose-intolerant.
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The avian flu outbreak that won’t go away

The outbreak of avian flu that drove poultry and egg prices sky high this year has carried into the fall as the virus continues to spread through wild birds, a sharp contrast to what happened during the last major attack seven years ago.
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