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Agri-Pulse DriveTime

A wrap up of today's top news stories in the world of Ag
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DriveTime: Nov. 18, 2021


The Environmental Protection Agency is out with biofuels news, but not necessarily the news many were waiting for. Learn more and hear about the price of a Thanksgiving meal in today's DriveTime.

DriveTime: Dec. 3, 2021


In today's DriveTime, Congress avoids a shutdown, USDA distributes biofuel and energy infrastructure funds and the nation's sheep producers get more foreign competition.

DriveTime: Dec. 2, 2021


Today's DriveTime features the latest on the timeline for new biofuel blending requirements, reflections from an ag leader on the evolution of climate talks in the industry and an update on a key hog industry tool.

DriveTime: Dec. 1, 2021


Dairy policy comes to Capitol Hill and the Biden administration extends a handful of permanent changes to prevented planting requirements. Learn more in today's DriveTime. 

DriveTime: Nov. 30, 2021


Today's DriveTime features the latest on government funding, biofuel blending, and a choice facing producers as input costs are on the rise.

DriveTime: Nov. 29, 2021


Congress is back in Washington this week and has a lengthy December agenda ahead of it. Today's DriveTime takes a look at that to-do list and what a farm leader hopes to see out of climate and conservation policy.