ST. CLOUD, Minn., Nov. 1, 2017 - The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) canceled two public hearings concerning Enbridge Energy’s pipeline replacement project last week after the City of St. Cloud raised capacity and safety concerns at the River’s Edge Convention Center.

MPUC scheduled hearings throughout the state to gather public input on Enbridge’s proposed replacement of its existing 282-mile, 34-inch Line 3 pipeline, which stretches from the North Dakota-Minnesota Border to Superior, Wisconsin. Enbridge wants to expand the line 55 miles and increase it to 36 inches. The energy delivery company claims the $2 billion project is necessary to continue supplying crude oil for Minnesotans’ growing needs in decades ahead.

“It’s estimated that the Line 3 replacement project would support thousands of Minnesota jobs and generate an estimated $20 million per year in state property taxes. Plus, this project will use the latest and greatest technology aimed at protecting the environment and communities across the state,” said Minnesota Petroleum Council Executive Director Erin Roth in a statement. “We hope that this cancellation is an isolated incident and look forward to our continued participation in these hearings throughout Minnesota.”

MPUC held 16 hearings around the state over the last several weeks. The commission is reviewing options for rescheduling the two St. Cloud hearings.

The public comment period in connection with the public hearings runs through Nov. 22. Comments may be submitted online by going to the online public comment form.