Delta farmers are worried about ag land being displaced by the governor’s new water tunnel, now called the Delta Conveyance Project.

The Department of Water Resources released the first details of the tunnel project earlier in the year. It summarizes the numerous public comments in a 32-page report released last week. Many of the complaints have roots as far back as Gov. Pat Brown’s Peripheral Canal proposal in the 1960s, the inspiration for tunnels.

Democratic Rep. John Garamendi stands out in the report as defending the Delta farmers within his district. He urged the department to instead explore a path further westward, clear of ag lands.

Many commenters were concerned the project could take ag land out of production, impact wells and accelerate saltwater intrusion. They called for an economic impact study before breaking ground.

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Other commentators said the conveyance water should not be used for agriculture or should be used only for water-efficient irrigation practices.