The Southern Peanut Farmers Federation, the American Peanut Shellers Association and the National Peanut Buying Points Association have joined together to create the United States Peanut Federation.

In a release announcing USPF's formation, the organization says it will “serve as a united voice in Washington, D.C., for all sectors of the peanut industry and advocate actively for strong agricultural policy” with a mission to “protect, promote and improve business conditions for the peanut industry.”

"I am thrilled with the launch of the U.S. Peanut Federation, formalizing and bringing structure to years of informal collaboration among growers, buying points, and shellers," Karl Zimmer, the president and CEO of Premium Peanut and the first Chairman of the USPF, said in a statement. "By working together, I believe we will be able to effectively advance many issues that are critical to peanuts.”

According to the release, the federation will represent “several thousand people” with interests in the peanut industry.

"I cannot express how pleased I am that the United States Peanut Federation has been formed to advocate collectively for all sectors of the peanut industry,” Rep. Sanford Bishop, the Georgia Democrat who chairs the House Ag Appropriations Subcommittee, said in a statement. “As co-chair of the Congressional Peanut Caucus, I believe the industry will benefit tremendously from this new unified voice. This is truly an organization whose time has come."

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