The State Food and Agriculture Board will discuss the Sacramento River Science Partnership in its monthly meeting Tuesday at 10 a.m. The ecosystem restoration initiative is taking a more collaborative approach to managing water for all stakeholders than the “warring science” at play in the Delta.

Thad Bettner, the general manager for the Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District, spoke with Agri-Pulse in August on the “big tent” approach to the project.

“The more we showed that we were committed to see some of these benefits come about, the more we started to gain partners in that effort,” he said. “You’ve got to do this trust building, and it takes time.”

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The board will also hear an update from the Newsom administration on statewide broadband issues. The California Broadband Council is developing an action plan due out later this year and is currently taking public comment.

The Legislature pulled two bills on broadband in the final days of session. This placed more of a spotlight on the administration to take action on expanding access. It comes at a critical time, as businesses and public schools have had to shift online during the pandemic.