The Air Resources Board (CARB) is drafting a regulatory proposal to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission forklifts throughout California. The mandate would allow only a few exceptions, raising concerns among ag groups.

“Our operations only run a few months out of the year, and we simply cannot pass along the costs to our buyers like other operations that run year-round,” said Priscilla Rodriguez, director of regulatory affairs for the Western Agricultural Processors Association (WAPA), during a stakeholder workshop last week.

Rodriguez argued that charging costs would be at least double CARB’s estimates. WAPA also disagreed with reporting and record keeping requirements and pushed for more incentive funding.

“There is very limited funding available for the conversion of propane to electric forklifts,” said WAPA President and CEO Roger Isom. “Incentive programs need to be an integral part of this process.”

CARB is taking comments and plans for an October 7 workshop on the proposal and board consideration in 2022. More information is available here.

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