CHS Inc., the biggest ag cooperative in the country, is teaming up with Bayer to offer customers the opportunity to take part in Bayer’s carbon program.

“The relationship will extend the Bayer Carbon Program to CHS farmer-owners across 17 states already covered by the program, and also in Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas,” the companies said. CHS is owned by more than 900 local cooperatives and 75,000 farmers and ranchers across the U.S.

The program offers payments for the adoption of practices such as cover crops and the use of no-till or strip-till.

“CHS chose to collaborate with Bayer because its carbon program is simple, established and built on the industry’s most connected and widely used platform, Climate FieldView,” said Dean Hendrickson, CHS vice president for agronomy.

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CHS members will get $3/acre on top of the $9 per acre Bayer pays for adoption of cover crops and no-till/strip-till.

Growers also can earn additional incentives by buying enhanced efficiency fertilizer products, such as N-Edge, Trivar and Levesol from CHS. “CHS is proud to work with Bayer to offer incentives for practices and products that can enhance soil health, improve yields and drive sustainable outcomes,” said Terry Herzig, CHS’ director for retail agronomy.

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