The Food and Drug Administration is out with a list of guidance documents related to food it expects to publish over the next year, addressing issues ranging from the safety of gene-edited plants and cell-cultured foods to the labeling of plant-based dairy alternatives. 

The agency didn't say when it plans to release the individual documents, only that it expects to do so by January 2023.

FDA anticipates issuing draft guidance on action levels for lead in juice and on lead in food intended for babies and young children. It also said it would issue guidance on an action level for inorganic arsenic in apple juice.

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Draft guidance is expected on how to evaluate the public health importance of food allergens other than the major food allergens identified in the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Companies will see draft guidance on how they should carry out premarket consultations with FDA on cultured animal cell foods and for foods derived from gene-edited plants.

FDA also will be issuing separate sets of guidance on labeling of plant-based milk alternatives and of "plant-based alternatives to animal-derived foods."

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