The Department of Water Resources is expanding its outreach and education efforts for the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in honor of National Groundwater Awareness Week.

“The reality is that our water system, which includes groundwater basins throughout the state, is going to be stretched thin this summer,” said DWR Director Karla Nemeth in a statement. “We must all do our part and continue to make conservation a way of life to ensure a safe and healthy water supply now and into the future.”

According to DWR, groundwater provides 40% of the state’s water supply in a normal year and up to 60% in dry years, with 515 basins serving as underground reservoirs.

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With California entering a third year of drought, the state is offering resources to assist landowners at Private well owners can report dry wells at the MyDryWell website to help agencies identify where more assistance is needed. DWR has launched a California’s Groundwater Live website and developed a public awareness library with educational resources.

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