Through a cooperative agreement funded by the U.S. EPA, the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative is making $200,000 in funding grants available for 2022-2023 to nonprofit organizations for community-based projects.

PERC anticipates funding two to four agricultural community-based projects. The outreach projects are to be carried out at local and/or regional levels and tailored to the target audience within the agricultural community to enhance pesticide safety protections.

The desired outcomes include educating farmworkers and/or agricultural pesticide handlers on the safe use of pesticides, enhancing the capabilities of partners to develop and implement programs/activities that prevent and reduce pesticide risks to farmworker communities, and protecting human health and ecosystems from exposure to pesticides.

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Applications are due by July 1 and more information is available here. PERC is funded through a cooperative agreement between EPA and the University of California Davis in partnership with Oregon State University to help increase the reach and scope of pesticide safety educational materials to farmworkers and their families in rural agricultural areas.

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